Uber is a  great way to be your own boss and work your own hours as a self employed driver.

There are a few barriers to entry to become a driver for Uber. Each country that Uber operates in has different requirements. As of July 2018 to operate as an Uber driver in the UK you will need:

  • To be over 21 years of age.
  • A valid UK drivers licence.
  • A car that is 2008 or newer. Uber offers the ability to buy or lease a vehicle.
  • A private hire licence. These are issued through the local council which you can arrange an interview through the Uber site.

See more on requirements at Uber driver requirements

Once you have met all of the above requirements, and you have signed up with Uber, your whole business will be ran from the Uber driver App. This handles payment from the passenger to you and gives them the option to tip you. Uber runs a rating system where both the passenger and the driver rate each other after the trip. This encourages honest open feedback and allows people in the future to see who they are dealing with. Passengers also get access to your statistics which show them how many trips you have completed etc.

Fares aren’t set but vary depending on demand and supply. Sometimes fairs surge when the number of passengers are higher than the drivers that are available. It is useful to get to know what times demand increases your city. These are usually times such as when the pubs close on weekends, around by train stations when a train arrives or when a big sporting event or gig finishes in an arena nearby.

Extra Cash

When you are driving for Uber you meet new people every single day. These are all potential customers to introduce to new business ideas (a great way to introduce people to Network Marketing) or to sale them something (one man sells jewelry) . Of course this needs to be done tactfully and not just start on a sales pitch with every single person that you pick up. Remember Uber has a ratings system which you want to remain high so that you are able to continue offering lifts in the future.

Top Tip

Treat driving for Uber the same way you would if you were running your own business. The passengers are your customers so be polite to them and try to cater to their needs. Keep things like water and snacks availableand only talk to them if they are interested in talking back. Everyone is different and will want different things from their Uber experience. This ensures positive feedback and encourages tipping.

Whether you are a driver or not, you can make significant savings compared to taxi fares with Uber. To get started as a passenger, simply sign up and download the app.

Sites to use

Uber – Sign up here for £3 off your first ride