Completing Surveys

It might not sound like the most glamorous thing in the world, but completing online surveys can make you an easy bit of extra cash. Companies are always looking to find out what consumers are interested in and they are willing to pay for this information.

There are lot of survey sites on the internet however not all are legitimate. Some of them are they are only interested in charging you a sign up fee or selling your contact details. The best ones we have used have been around long enough to build a solid reputation, they are free to join and pay out regularly by check or transfer into your bank account.

Top Tip

Most survey companies reward you in return for the information you give them so you will need to be willing to share this. Some companies will ask you to consent to being contacted by other marketing firms. The ones below don’t do this, however if you sign up to others and want to avoid being bombarded with spam then open a new email address to register with and use it only for signing up to surveys and other companies that pay you to try new offers.

Sites to use

Opinium – Market research site based in the UK. Regular surveys that pay out in cash.

Populus Live – Market and opinion research site. Regular surveys that pay out in cash.

YouGov – Global public opinion site.