Entering Competitions

“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

With competitions and prize draws there are no guarantees but if you want to win in the long run it’s a simple numbers game. The more you enter the more chances you have to win. Prizes can range massively as can your odds of winning. You have the option of entering free or paid competitions or both. If you stick to free competitions the only cost is your time.

Free Competitions

The reason companies offer free competitions is because they gain traffic to their website by allowing you to enter a competition for free and receive your contact details so maybe you will purchase something from them in the future. It’s pretty much a win/win situation if you are comfortable to give up some personal data in order for a chance to win a prize. Sites such as Pick My Postcode are 100% free and offer real cash prizes.

Paid Competitions

Paid competitions are essentially gambling and you can’t make money from gambling unless you do what we describe here. There are two benefits to entering paid competitions over free competitions. Firstly the prizes are generally better and secondly there are usually less people entering. These aren’t always true of course and if you are entering paid competitions you should be prepared and afford to lose what you have paid to enter. A lot of the large competitions that you see on prime time TV ask a really simple multiple choice question for a ridiculously amazing prize. The trouble is that so many people enter you pretty much have zero chance of winning.

Whichever competitions you choose to enter we wish you the very best of luck. Don’t forget to enter our free competition and check out the other competitions we recommend below

Extra Cash

Another way you can make cash from a competition is to run your own competition. We use an independent 3rd party called Gleam which allows you to set up, run and draw winners of competitions. If you have a website, blog or large social media following it’s a great way to increase engagement and gain customers.

Sites to use

Free competitions 

Gleam – Run your own competition or prize draw.

Pick My Postcode – Enter this free postcode lottery every day.