Whether you have long hair, short hair, blonde, brunette or ginger there is a way you can make money with your hair.

Sell it

You can make money selling your hair. Companies can turn it into wigs. Hairstylists convert into extensions, hair colleges use it for students to practice with and even high quality paint brushes are made with human hair.

Most buyers want natural untreated hair,  free of chemicals. So no tinted, coloured, bleached, permed or highlighted. The amount you can make varies depending on length, colour and quality. Generally naturally blonde fetches more than brunette. Longer is worth more than shorter.

Model it

If you don’t want to cut your hair off then you can use it for TV shows, training hair stylists, photo shoots and many other modelling jobs. A great place to find hair related modelling jobs is StarNow. You can also search your local salons, colleges or Gumtree. Even if you don’t get paid for it you could get a free haircut or colour from it. Which for woman can add up to substantial savings.

Sites to use

Banbury Postiche – Supply the UK’s premium wig maker brand for between £3 to £5 per ounce.

Buy And Sell Hair – The Number 1 Human Hair Marketplace

Hair Harvest – Bloomsbury Wigs UK Hair Harvest website

Star Now – Hair Model Jobs in the UK