There are two main routes to become a model.

The first is the traditional way of signing up to a modelling agency. It used to be a bricks and mortar building you would have to go to or send your Resume. These are usually online now. The best ones will teach you what you need to know and get you modelling jobs.

The second way, which is becoming more common is through social media. Similar to becoming an influencer, the best way to do it is to pick a niche and focus on that. This could be anything from fitness, clothing, underwear, glamour etc. Then you need to create content around that theme. Once you have a certain size following you will find companies that want to sponsor you and maybe even sign you up for regular deals.

Whichever path you choose modelling has always been an incredibly competitive environment and very few will make a full time living from it. Even though if you check on Instagram it seems like there are hundreds or thousands of people making a living from their looks.

Top Tip

Modelling is extremely competitive so you need to get used to rejection. You can combine both routes to become a model, sign up for an agency but also post your images on social media. Sometimes models will get found through their social media profiles and offered contracts with brands.

Sites to use

Star Now – Modelling jobs for all ages, looks, and levels of experience

Social Media platforms – Set up a profile on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter etc.