Retail Arbitrage

Retail Arbitrage is taking advantage of the difference in price of the same item in two different locations. This means finding an item that is cheap on one website and selling it on another for a higher price. No stock required and zero up front cost.

A straight forward example of this is to look on the daily deals section on Amazon. Each day discounts are offered on different items. You can then list those items on eBay at a higher price. Once a purchase is made you send it directly from Amazon to the buyers address on eBay. You can search countless other websites for items that are cheaper than they are on Amazon or eBay. For instance, if you find a laptop on the PC world website which is cheaper than it is on Amazon then you just list it for sale on Amazon at a higher price. Once the buyer purchases it and pays you, you can then send it directly to them from the PC world website.

This method doesn’t have to be limited to products either. You can offer services on eBay or the Facebook marketplace and then get someone to do them on any freelance website for a cheaper price. Essentially you are making yourself into a middle man and benefiting from the difference between the price you buy for and the price you sell for.

Extra Cash

You don’t have to limit yourself to items that are only sold online. You can find discounted items in your local high street, charity shops and carboot sales. You can find a lot of bargains in these places for cheaper rates than they sell for online.

Recommended Reading

Retail Arbitrage 101 by John Navarro

Retail Arbitrage by Chris Green

Sites to use

Daily Deals on Amazon – Find items for sale at discount.

eBay – Sell on the worlds largest online auction marketplace.

Gumtree – Find products for sell in your local area.

Etsy – Find or sell customised goods.