There is no easier way to make money than by getting paid for something you already do. Did you know you can receive cash back on the purchases you already make online and all you have to do is click a link before buying? There are a few options you can use to take advantage of this cash back method. TopCashBack is the most reliable and pays the highest. 

The site includes a lot of large online companies such as Ebay, Groupon, Expedia, Just Eat and also most high street names: Argos, Next, Debenhams, Boots, HSBC, Tesco, Halfords.

Once you have signed up all you do is go to TopCashBack before you make a purchase on any website, search for the site you are going to buy from and click through to the site. If you’ve never used a site like this before, you may be thinking it sounds a bit too good to be true and why would a company give you free cash for doing nothing other than spending as you normally would. It works because the company you usually buy from give the cashback site money for referring you to their site. TopCashBack then pass some of this money back to you. As with all our ways we explain, it really is free cash if you were going to spend the money anyway.

Extra Cash

There is a section on the site called Free Cashback which gives you money without purchasing anything. These generally involve clicking through to a site which will give you a quote such as an airline or insurance provider. Do this every day and the amount soon adds up.

Sites to use

TopCashBack – Earn money every time you make a purchase online.