Be an extra

Most TV shows or film will require extras, sometimes known supporting or background artist..  You don’t need to be a qualified actor or have the looks of a super model. In fact most extras look like your average person in the street and that’s the point. They are simply playing “the masses” in the background or might be certain characters which have no lines.

To get started as an extra you may find a job advertised locally but most production companies will recruit from an agency. So get yourself registered with an extras agency. Some do charge a fee but a lot of them will take this out of your first paycheck. Then you either search their job listings and apply for which ones you want to do or they will contact you. If you fit the criteria and get the job you will receive details including when and where to be. After the work is complete you are paid through the agency.

Keep in mind that being an extra is not the same as acting. It isn’t going to give you access to the glamour of the Hollywood red carpet, rubbing shoulders with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. In fact quite the opposite. You won’t be able to talk to the main actors if you see them on the set. It can involve early starts and long days with a lot of your time sat around for hours waiting to get called for your part. But in general it isn’t very stressful work, can be decent pay and you may be able to see yourself on the big screen.

While you probably aren’t going to become rich working as an extra, it is a great way to make some extra money that fits around your current lifestyle especially if you have a lot of spare time or other part time income such as mystery shopping.

Top Tip

If you have a specific skill or ability such as horse riding, sword fighting, dancing etc you can get higher paid work. The same goes if you use your own car or house required as part of the role.

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