Experiences and Tours

A growing trend off the back of websites such as AirBnB is people offering experiences and tours in your local area. The difference between these experiences and regular tuition is that these are one off events for visitors or tourists. You can just keep offering the same experience to different people but with with regular classes you teach different lessons to the same people.

There is so much you can do depending on where you live. If you are in a city you can offer visitors a tour of the local area and tell them some facts about the history of the place. If you are in a more rural area you can take them on nature walks. If you have some sort of hobby that you do regularly you can run classes or workshops.

Some ideas:

Activities – walking tours (historical/informational/nature/celebrity etc), local tour guide, ghost tours, story telling, pub crawls, sight seeing, bike rides, sport, sunset watching, kayaking, yoga, skate boarding, games, quizzes.

Seasonal – sledging, surfing, skiing, beach.

Workshops – painting, cookery classes, music lessons, drink tasting, Mixology, meditation, pottery, astrology, comedy, gaming.

Extra Cash

Depending on what you do you could also offer your own products for sell at the end of the event. So for instance if you are running a ghost tour in your local town you could sell T-Shirts. If you are running a musical performance such as playing the guitar in the local park, you could offer CD’s or downloads of your music tracks.

If you are running an activity such as a pub crawl you can arrange deals with the local pubs that they pay you to bring the group into their pub. If it is a walking tour of the local area you could sell your photographs.

Pretty much any activity or event you want to run you will be able to offer an additional product or upsell.

Sites to use

AirBnB – List your experiences on AirBnB.

Gumtree – Offer to host events in your local area.