If you have a qualification, skill or talent then chances are someone somewhere will be willing to pay you to teach them.

First of all decide what it is that you are able to teach. The more qualifications and experience you have in a certain subject then the more demand there will be for your service and the more you can charge. If you have a degree in Mathematics and studying for a PHD at oxford then it will be relatively straight forward for you. If you don’t have the traditional qualifications then you can still tutor, you just need to think what are you good at. You could teach something that you do as a hobby. A few examples would be IT lessons for beginners, teaching a musical instrument, how to play poker or massage.  Tutor Hunt allows you to teach in a lot of lifestyle subjects such as cooking, chess, gardening and traveling.

Once you have decided what you are going to teach you need to decide how you are going to offer your services, whether in person or over the internet and what age range you are going to target.

Generally offline you can charge a higher hourly rate and build up a level of trust you won’t be able to online. If you are going to tutor from your own home you will need to make sure you have some space set aside. If you are going to visit your student then you will need to factor in travel time and cost. You can advertise on all of the below sites as well as local classified sites such as Gumtree or even Facebook.

If you are going to teach online then you might not be able to charge as much, but you can reach a larger number of students and you can also work from anywhere in the world. You will need some sort of video conferencing software and ideally a quiet place to work from. As well as the sites below you can advertise on freelance sites such as Fiverr. You also have the option to teach through uploading videos to Youtube or produce your own online course about which can be sold over and over again.

Top Tip

If you treat this as your own business you may be able to make a full time income and become an authority on your subject. Concentrate on providing excellent value for money so that your students stay loyal to you and never under estimate word of mouth for you to get more clients. Alongside tutoring you can start your own website or blog and create additional income streams through affiliate marketing recommending additional study material or relevant products.

Sites to use

Tutor Hunt – Offer tutoring in a wide range of academic and non academic subjects.

Tutorful – Offer online and offline tutoring in a range of academic subjects.

MyTutor  – Offer tutoring online. Strict requirements to become a tutor including an interview!

First Tutors – Global private tutors and tuition in academic subjects.