Playing Poker

“Good poker is patience. Great poker is courage”

Poker is especially different from most gambling games because you are playing against other players so someone is going to win and can consistently win, as opposed to games such as Blackjack and Roulette which you are mathematically certainly going to lose in the long run.

In poker there are different skill levels among competitors which is a combination of experience, knowing the odds, psychology, nerve and bluffing. Of course there is an element of luck involved but numerous books have been written on the game and people have made a full time income from it for many years before the internet was around, you only have to google “poker professional” to see the list of names and how long they’ve been around. Online poker is now huge and the live games in casinos and card rooms around the world are growing as a result of this.

That is not to say there is an easy way to consistently win but if you invest the time learning you can get good, very good. In fact you could win a single tournament which you can qualify through entering a smaller tournament online and it will set you up financially for life. There is a huge amount of information online including training videos, forums, books and coaches you can hire. It will take time and you will need to invest some money in a bankroll but if you make it then online poker is actually one of those few ways you can make a living from anywhere in the world with nothing more than a laptop. We have listed some recommended sites below to get you started in your poker career and if you do make it as a result of our site or even if you have had success with the game then we’d love to hear from you.

Extra Cash

There are a number of other things you can do to make even more cash playing online poker:

Most sites offer deposit bonuses so for example if you deposit £200 they will match it and you start with £400 to play with.

There is something called rake back which is where you can get a percentage of what the site makes from you back at the end of each and every month, so a bit like a job, the more you play the more you make. All you have to do to get rake back is sign up through a rake back or cash back site.

Some of the smaller sites offer you to sign up as a prop player. These are usually only availalbe on newer or smaller sites with lower number of players, so in order to entice people to play they pay you a very generous percentage of your rake back to play. This can be over 100% in some cases. The downsides is that there are far fewer players to play against so you may be restricted on what limits and games are available.

Another way to make income alongside playing poker is by streaming your online play or making videos to upload to YouTube where you discuss strategy or record your hands.

Then there are sponsorship deals from different companies or websites which get offered to you if you play live games and get to the final tables of tournaments.

Essentially there are lots of additional revenue streams you can create alongside playing the game itself.

Top Tip

If you are a complete beginner, it is highly recommended to read the books below to get your game up to speed. It is also vital to join an online poker forum because the game is constantly changing and evolving. People will often share hand histories, tips and strategies enabling you to get advice and feedback from excellent players for free.

Recommended Reading

Poker books on Amazon – A library of books on poker.

Super System by Doyle Brunson – The original bible of poker.

4 poker books in one by Kevin Bailey – A great beginners to intermediate book.

Essential Poker Math by Alton Hardin – Every piece of maths you need to know about the game.

One Of A Kind by Peter Alson – The rise and fall of Stuey “The Kid” Ungar, the world’s greatest poker player.

Sites to use

888 Poker – Get started without risking any of your own money. £20 completely free just for signing up.

Grosvenor Poker – Reputable company owns the largest chain of casinos in the UK. Get a 200% deposit bonus up to £700 and a £50 goody bag.

William Hill Poker – Deposit £10 and get £100 bonus

Cashback Cloud – Sign up to a poker site through this site and you will earn cash back which is a percentage of what the site makes from you.

Rake Me Back – Get a percentage of your rake back paid to you every month if you sign up through this site.

Poker Props – Get paid to play on smaller sites with lower number of players.

2+2 forum – One of the largest poker forums where you can discuss hand strategy and learn from experienced players.

Gamcare – The leading national provider of information, advice, support and free treatment for anyone affected by problem gambling.