Playing video games

There is an online streaming service called Twitch TV which allows you to stream video games while you are playing them at home. It’s completely free to join and you can make money by gaining subscribers, similar to the way you can subscribe to a channel on YouTube, only on Twitch the subscribers pay a monthly fee. This is then shared between the Twitch website and you, the broadcaster.

Apart from subscriptions, you can receive donations, put ads on your channel and sell merchandise in your videos.

Like a lot of ways of making money online it will take some time and commitment to build up followers and would ideally suit someone who is passionate about gaming already but it really is a great way to make some extra cash or potentially make a full time living from home doing what you love.

Extra Cash

It doesn’t have to be video games that you stream, they also have sections for streaming different hobbies such as drawing, singing, cooking, music etc

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