Playing Video Games

There are people who play games all day and actually make a lot of money from doing just that.

The main way is by using social media to gain a following of other people that enjoy watching others play games. You can do this on all social media sites but the main ones that gamers focus on are Youtube and Twitch. 

The difference between the two sites are that Youtube you would generally upload videos of you playing whereas Twitch allows you to stream video games while you are playing them at home. They are both free to join. You can make money on YouTube by showing advertisments to your audience when you have a large enough following.  On Twitch your subscribers pay you a monthly fee. This is then shared between the Twitch website and you, the broadcaster.

Apart from paid subscriptions and advertisements, you can receive donations, sell merchandise in your videos and even use affiliate marketing to sell other peoples products related to the video games you play. If you get really good at a certain game you can enter esports tournaments where you can win cash prizes. 

Like a lot of ways of using social media to make money online it will take some time and commitment to build up followers and would ideally suit someone who is passionate about gaming already. But it really is a great way to make some extra cash or potentially make a full time living from home doing what you love.

Extra Cash

It doesn’t have to be video games that you stream, they also have sections for streaming different hobbies such as drawing, singing, cooking, music etc

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YouTube – The largest online video sharing site.