Affiliate Marketing

Almost every large company as well as a lot of the smaller ones offer some sort of affiliate program. Affiliate Marketing is essentially earning a commission for selling a companies product. For example if you sign up as an affiliate for a site that sells clothing, you then recommend people to the clothing site and every time someone makes a purchase the site will pay you a percentage of that sale. Everyone benefits because the customer receives the product, the company gets an additional sale and you get paid. In theory it’s as simple as it sounds but it’s not easy to make it work and can take quite a bit of time and commitment. However if you can make it succeed you can make a potentially unlimited passive income.

The hardest part is to find an audience to recommend products to, however there are plenty of options available. If you have a website you can put advertisements on your page, then if someone clicks on the advert and ends up buying the product then you get paid. You can start up a blog, make videos on YouTube, create an email list, advertise on social media, pay for advertising on other peoples sites or even do it offline with flyers and word of mouth. The 12 Minute Affiliate teaches you the process of making online commissions with affiliate marketing and will even generate traffic for you.

Once you have decided how to promote, the key is to market the correct product to the appropriate audience. For example if you make videos on YouTube about your favourite football team you probably wouldn’t get as many people interested in buying dog food. But if you had an advert to an online site selling football shirts then there is a high chance that people would visit it and buy a football shirt from an online store.

If a website offers an affiliate programs there is generally a link on the homepage. Whether the site is selling products, information, or offering entertainment such as gambling, they all have affiliate programs you can sign up to. In fact almost any website which creates an income in some way will usually have an affiliate program which are almost always free to join. One of the easiest to get started with is Amazon as everyone knows and trusts the company.

Some sites exist which allow you to sign up for numerous companies with affiliate programs. One company we have used and would recommend is They have a huge range of different products and informational programs to sell.

Top Tip

There are different types of affiliate programs. Some offer you a percentage of how much they make from the customer you referred to them. Others pay you a flat rate regardless of what they sale. Most websites have a link on their homepage to their affiliate program if they offer one.

Not only can you be an affiliate but you can offer your own products on affiliate sites for others to promote. For example if you wrote an ebook about weight loss then you can advertise it on for others to promote and you give them a cut of your sale.

Recommended Reading

Affiliate Marketing by Marcus Baumann

Sites to use

12 Minute Affiliate – Revolutionary new system that simplifies the process of making online commissions with affiliate marketing. – Lots of affiliate programs to work with.

Amazon – Link to anything on Amazon and get paid a commission on the sale.