Write an Ebook

Writing an Ebook is a great way to make money with almost no risk. There are very few barriers to create one. In the past it was more difficult to write a book as you would need to find a publisher to print it. Now with the internet anyone can be an author. You can publish it online to sites such as Amazon and put it available to download by anyone in the world.

Similar to a writing a blog, an Ebook can be on any topic but it is best to choose one that you are very knowledgeable about or have a passion for, or both! In fact if you have a blog you can write an Ebook to release alongside it. You can make cash by either giving it away for free and using affiliate links or adverts within the book, or you can charge the customer a fee to purchase your Ebook. The main investment in creating an Ebook is your time, the route of getting it published is relatively inexpensive. Once it is online for anyone to purchase or download it can provide a great passive income.

Extra cash

Once you have written your ebook you can make additional money from it by converting it into an actual book or an audiobook.

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Sites to use

Publish digitally with Amazon

Publish in print or digitally with LuLu