Working in a job

We include this article for completeness on how you can make cash but this site will teach you the many other ways you can do so without working for someone else.

The majority of people still have a job as their main or only source of income and it generally involves working for someone else on a fixed hourly rate or salary. There are perceived advantages of this such as knowing you have a fixed income and the opportunity to progress in a career to earn more. Robert Kiyosaki explains in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad why most people who have a job as their only source of income will always stay poor, even if it is well paid. Having “job security” is often claimed as a benefit of having a job but there isn’t really such thing as job security. Some people enjoy their job and don’t do it for the money. However, the fact you are on this site means you could very well be fed up in your job, feel that you need ways to make quick cash or maybe you are after something you can do longer term instead.

The reason there is no such thing as job security and the problem working for someone else is the company that employs you can go bust, they can sack you or make you redundant, all which leaves you with absolutely no income. You have very little control and are generally considered dispensable in almost every line of work. Nothing is 100% certain but if you build your own online or offline business you can have more control and potentially gain higher earnings than you could ever achieve working for someone else. If you are going to work in a job then a self employed one where you set your own hours such as driving for Uber gives you more freedom and generally able to earn more than working for someone else. But by far the best situation is to have multiple revenue streams which involves creating income from different sources, all which are explained on

In the 21st century anyone can make money on the internet. There is no get rich quick schemes apart from potentially getting lucky which you have little control over. The more time you invest now in making money the more time you will make. The key is to get started early and stay motivated. Then you will gain your financial freedom.

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