Receiving cashback on a purchase or a service you use is one of the easiest ways to make extra money. We have already explained how to make cashback through your shopping by using TopCashBack. But there are many other places you can receive cashback.

Credit Cards – You can receive a percentage back for anything you purchase with a cashback credit card. The idea is to simply replace all your regular spending in cash with a cashback credit card then pay the balance off in full each month with the cash you would have otherwise purchased it with. You then receive payment from the credit card company on a regular basis depending on how much you spend.

Store Cards – These are similar to a credit card which a high street shop issues in order for you to pay for goods either in their own shop or anywhere you wish to spend. They can often reward you with vouchers or interest free periods where you don’t have to pay the balance until some point in the future.

Mortgages – Mortgage providers will sometimes offer cashback for you to switch to your mortgage to them. This isn’t something you would do solely to receive the cashback but if it works out that it reduces your monthly payments or loan to value then it can be a nice sweetener to the deal. Cashback on mortgage products can be thousands of pounds paid straight into your bank account.

Bank Accounts – Similar to mortgages, bank accounts often offer you an incentive to either switch to them or introduce a friend to their bank account. This can be worth doing just for the cash back alone as it is often around £100

Third party sites – This is a way of making some extra cash after you have done your shopping using apps such as Shoppix to take pictures of your receipts. These are ran by market research companies which pay you a percentage of what they earn. Mystery Shopping works on the same principle and is another nice way you can make some extra cash from something you would already be purchasing.

Extra Cash

You can combine several of these methods to make multiple cashback on the same purchase. For example you could use TopCashBack to make a purchase on Ebay and pay with it using a cashback credit card. Or you can search for jobs on a mystery shopping site, make the purchase with a cashback credit card then upload the receipt to Shoppix .

Top Tip

You wouldn’t spend just to receive the cashback as the amount is significantly smaller than the amount you are spending unless for instance it is free such as switching bank accounts. However as we all have to spend money on certain items, food, bills etc then by getting into the habit of always using one or more of these methods to receive cashback, the amounts can add up over time. It is a great feeling to receive money which you wouldn’t have otherwise for doing very little extra. Every now and again you can receive a higher payment on a larger purchase such as a holiday, internet/TV package or mobile phone contract.

Sites to use

TopCashBack – Earn money every time you make a purchase online

Shoppix – Get rewarded for uploading photos of your receipts.