Donations or Tips

Is there a more straight forward way to get money than simply by asking for it? Admittedly most people are going to say no if you just walk up to them in the street or send them a spam message online. However if you are already providing them a service or product why not give people the option to donate some extra cash to you?

The best way to go about this is not to directly ask, but rather have a way  for someone to make an extra tip or donation to you. This can be as simple as a button on your blog saying “buy me a cup of coffee” or a wish list on Amazon that your followers can buy you things. There are now dedicated sites such as Patreon which are built around exactly that. By giving people the option to donate over and above what you are charging will allow you to generate another income stream as you grow. It means you don’t have to limiting the amount you can receive in payment or gifts.

This can be done whether you are an influencerfreelancer, blogger, gamer, selling hand made items, or providing any sort of service or product!

Sites to use

Amazon Wish List – Create an Amazon Wishlist where people can buy you items and ship them to you directly

Paypal – Put a button on your site or social media profile to receive direct donations.

Patreon – Allow followers, fans and customers to pay you a monthly following.