Playing MMORPG

MMORPG is an acronym which stands for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Although some people can make a full time income from these video games it requires a lot of time invested to get good at and build your in-game characters ability. You can make cash playing these games through several different ways:

  • Directly in game with a virtual currency which is linked to real life currency

Second life has been around for over ten years and is similar to the game the sims. It’s a virtual world where you build and customise characters. The in-game currency the Linden Dollar is earned by selling digital goods which you can create, buy or find such as buildings, vehicles, clothing, jewellery and even works of art. The Linden dollar is linked to the US dollar with an exchange rate which can fluctuate similar to other real world currency. This currency can then be exchanged and spent in the real world.

  • Indirectly by selling digital goods that are in the game.

Entropia universe is a science fiction game which takes place over several planets and is the largest MMORPG with a real cash economy. You can get started playing for free and the exchange rate is fixed at 10 PED (Project Entropia Dollar) to 1 USD. It holds the record for the largest in game purchases of $2,500,000 for real estate and $6,000,000 for Planet Calypso. Yes that is real world money of millions of dollars in exchange for digital goods.

  • Taking part in tournaments

A lot of MMORPG’s offer competitions or tournaments for prize money which is defined in it’s own category of eSports. These tournaments started becoming popular in the mid 2010’s and prize money is growing every year. League of Legends and Dota 2 are some of the biggest with millions of dollars paid out in prize funds each year.  Some games have teams which individuals can even get paid a salary to join to compete in these competitions.

Extra Cash

A lot of people who play MMORPG also make money by streaming their gameplay

Sites to use

Second life – A virtual world with it’s own currency which can be exchanged with real world currency.

Entropia universe – An online universe. Has a virtual currency which can be exchanged for real world currency. Holds the world record for most expensive virtual item ever purchased.

League of Legends – Tournaments are played around the world for millions of dollars in this hugely popular online game.

Dota 2 – Prize funds in Defense of the Ancients 2 competitions run into the millions of dollars, the highest of any esports tournaments.