Tipping Service

“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

A tipping service is where you receive recommendations on what bet to place for the outcome of a sporting event. These picks are usually made by a person who has experience and a proven track record of picking winners, but sometimes it can be an algorithm or bot which analyses thousands of results and pieces of information.

No one can get 100% correct results and you should steer clear of anyone that claims they can. But by using a service who specialise in picking winners it can increase your chances significantly compared to trying to pick winners yourself. It is best to use a professional service which has a good track record that is independently verified. Even then you should start out with a designated betting bank which you allocate a small percentage of to each bet.

The Betting Gods has a number of successful professional tipsters. They have tipsters who specialise in Football, Horse Racing, Greyhound, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Cricket. They have a great introductory offer and also give away two free tips every day.

Top Tip

Look at using a tipping service as an investment the way you would with the stock market and expect to see a positive long term return. You will have losing sessions and could have losing months but as long as you have a good bankroll and risk management where you don’t risk everything on a couple of bets then you should make money.

Extra Cash

If you are really good at picking winners you can also apply to become a tipster and charge people for access to your winning tips. You can either set up your own website and offer tips through that or join a current tipping service.

Sites to use

Betting Gods – A premium service with tipsters that have a proven track record who pick winners consistently in the long term.