This isn’t about making money from videos which you upload to YouTube although that is an excellent way to make cash. This is about creating video which you can upload to stock video sites. You then get paid a royalty or licence fee every time someone downloads your clip.

Most smart phones are capable of filming in HD or 4K but if you want to get serious about making money from stock video you will want to invest in some specialist equipment. This will include an 8k video camera and editing software as a minimum but depending on budget and how seriously you want to commit to this source of income you can include camera light, shotgun microphone, boom pole, different lenses, even a drone or 360 degree camera for virtual reality scenes.

You will want to focus on filming videos where there is demand for that type of footage. This can be hard to predict but looking at the most popular videos on the stock video sites listed below to get a good indication of what is performing well.

In order to maximise your profit, create and upload as many high quality videos to as many stock video sites as possible. The good thing about stock videos is that they don’t have to be long production pieces. A lot of them are used for marketing purposes and sometimes a good short generic clip can be used a lot more than longer videos. As an example a video of a salad being cleaned under running water while being tossed in a bowl can be great for cooking sites or shows.

Extra Cash

As well as filming for stock video sites you can upload photos to the same sites.

You can also look on freelance websites for any jobs required under video marketing.

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Sites to use

Pond5 – Submit your videos to the world’s largest video collection

iStockPhotos – Founded in 2000 iStockPhotos is one of the world’s leading stock content marketplaces

Shutterstock – Submit your videos to the company who have paid out over $500 million to contributors.

8k Video Cameras – Get the latest 8k video cameras available on Amazon

Adboe Premiere Pro – The industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web.