You can make cash through photography in a couple of different ways:

You can offer your services as a full time or part time photographer where people hire you to take photos of a specific event such as a weddings, birthdays and fashion shoots. This essentially is a job where you can advertise yourself for hire through a freelance site, on social media or on your own website. It can take a while to get gain credibility with this method, but the pay can be substantially higher once you make a name for yourself and if you offer high quality work.

An alternative way to make money from taking photos is to upload your photos to stock photography sites. There are a number of these online and growing all the time. You don’t need to have expensive equipment and you can get started with most up to date smart phones. You also don’t have to worry about advertising yourself because the site serves as a platform for people to view your work. You get paid a royalty every time someone purchases your photo so it is a great way to build passive income. The downsides of this is that there is a lot of competition and no guarantee that your photos will get used. Clearly the better the photos the more in demand they will be and the more you will make.

Extra Cash

As well as selling stock photos you can also receive royalties on stock music and stock videos.

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Sites to use

Getty Images – Upload your photos for sell on iStockPhoto and Getty Images.

Dreamstime – World`s largest stock photo market place.

Shutterstock – They have paid out over $500 million to contributors.

123RF – Join the 123RF contributor program and earn up to 60% commission on credits.

Adobe – Sell your photos on the adobe marketplace