Digital Art

Digital art encompasses a wide variety of art categories but essentially involves a using a computer with specialist software and possibly hardware such as a camera, scanner and/or drawing tablet. It can even include video editing. As with any art you don’t have to be skilled in the beginning. You can learn everything you need to know with practice. Depending on what you want to create you may need a powerful PC which is capable of rendering 3D models, videos etc.

The most common way to make money from digital art is to sell your items you have produced on an online marketplace such as the ones listed below, social media or your own website. The great advantage of digital art over traditional art using a paintbrush or pencil is that once the work has been created you can sell unlimited copies/downloads creating passive income.

The more specialist your knowledge and the better your ability the more you can offer. This means you can offer your services on a freelance basis to companies that need digital art for their current projects, films, games etc that they are working on.

Top Tip

Digital art encompasses so much including 3d rendering, modeling, video creation/editing, creating images etc etc. If it is something you are considering going into it is really worth taking your time to decide what field to specialise on. It’s vital to enjoy it to keep you motivated and focused as the learning curve with a lot of software can be slow and steep.

Extra Cash

Upload your digital art to social media sites such as Instagram and Youtube. The more followers you have for your work the more you will be able to sell and the higher the price you can charge. You can create additional revenue stream to allow people to contribute to your work through sites such as Patreon.

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Sites to use

Deviant Art – World’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts.

Patreon – Earn revenue from your biggest fans.

Tubosquid – Sell your 3D models.

Artweb – Sell your art online.