Whether you spend your time creating art as a hobby or want to learn a new skill, you can make money from the type of art you create. The traditional way is to sell the art you create but with that comes the challenge of getting your art in front of potential buyers. You can do this by partnering with galleries or use social media to showcase your work to the world. The better quality or more unique your piece the more followers you will gain and the more sales you will make.

There is another lucrative way to profit from the majority of different types of create. That is to build a passive income by uploading it to sites that will licence it out to publishers and pay you a commission or royalty every time it is used. Depending on which type of art you create, there will be a different sites that will allow you to upload your work to be licensed out. See the list below for the different types of art you can make money from:

Extra Cash 

There are a few other ways you can make extra money through art as well as producing it you could do any of the following:

  • Create videos of yourself creating the art and either upload them to YouTube or stream it live on Twitch.
  • Create a fan club with Patreon and receive donations from fans.
  • Create a blog documenting your progress learning an art skill.
  • Sell lessons or an online course showing others how to improve their talent.

Sites to use

Deviant Art – World’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts.

Patreon – Earn revenue from your biggest fans.