Transcription is turning a piece of audio into a text document. It is something that almost anyone can do from anywhere with an internet connection. The faster you can type the more you can earn. 

There are many reasons people will require someone to transcribe an audio piece. It may be that someone is dictating an article, book, blog entry, instructions or any other piece of audio that they need in written format.

The rates of pay vary drastically but generally you either get paid a flat fee per job when the work is fully complete, or you may be paid per audio minute in which case the speed you type directly correlates with the amount you earn. Of course it isn’t all about speed, you have to be accurate as well.

You can find transcription work on most freelance websites. You can also advertise your services on job sites or start your own website.

Sites to use

Fiverr – Offer your services transcribing jobs on this microjob site

Upwork – Lots of transcription work available on this site.

Way With Words Jobs – Sign up to be a transcriber for free.