Write Articles

Similar to writing an eBook or publishing a blog, writing articles will take time before you start to see a return but if you can persist it is a great way to make a passive income without any investment other than your time. The difference between writing an eBook or a blog is that writing articles is a bit more straight forward because you don’t have to worry about maintaining the blog or prouducing the eBook, you can focus 100% on the content creation.

There are two ways you can make cash from writing articles:

You can write them on a freelance basis where you get paid per article either for a publisher or an individual. The way you can do this is explained on the freelance page. With this method, you write once and generally get paid once.

Alternatively, and this is by far the better option to build a residual income, you can publish on a site such as Hubpages which share the revenue they generate through affiliate links on your article. With this method you write once and get paid regularly.

Recommended Reading

How to Make a Living with Your Writing by Joanna Penn

Make Money From Freelance Writing by Claire Gillman

Sites to use

Hubpages – Earn with articles you post online through affiliate links