Offer a delivery service

Besides transporting people with Uber you can use your vehicle to make extra cash by offering a delivery service. There are a few different ways you can do this depending on what you are looking for and what vehicle you have.

The most straightforward way is to sign up working for a company that offers a delivery service. This could be either employed or self employed. If you were to deliver for a company that paid you an hourly rate this would essentially be working a job and they may or may not supply you with a vehicle. Some examples of employed driver jobs would be driving a HGV, delivering for Royal Mail, UPS, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, supermarkets etc

Alternatively you could sign up with a company such as Yodel or Deliveroo where you will be self employed similar to Uber and you can choose your own hours to work. For Deliveroo you will need a motorbike, scooter or push bike and will be delivering food from takeaways and restaurants to customers. With Yodel you will need a car or van to deliver parcels.

The third way is to offer your delivery service with your own vehicle by bidding for jobs. This is a relatively new way of making money by delivering goods but is great for self employed people looking to make some extra cash and ideal for people looking to have items transported as cheaply as possible. There are numerous sites that offer this

Finally, you can do it completely by yourself if you have a van or even large car by advertising your delivery service locally on sites such as Gumtree or Craigslist etc.

These are by no means and exhaustive list of all companies available but it gives you an idea of the opportunities available to you if you wanted to make cash by offering a delivery service. You can use a single way that is mentioned above or sign up to several sites offering your delivery services. The larger the vehicle you have at your disposal, the more items you will be able to offer to deliver and therefore make more money.

Sites to use

Deliveroo – Set your own hours working as a delivery driver on your motorbike or push bike

Yodel – Set your own hours delivering parcels for one of the largest delivery companies in the UK

UShip – Bid for jobs to deliver items in your vehicle

Imoveit – Bid for jobs to deliver items in your vehicle

Anyvan – Use your van or fleet to make extra cash

Shiply – Bid for delivery jobs for your company. Generally larger items